Important Details About Electric Wire Strippers

The electric wire stripper is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the toolbox of an electrician/mechanic. The electric wire stripper in conjunction with a couple of other equipment will allow you to fix minor electrical connections on your boat without the help of a handyman.For more detail study about marine electric equipment check out our other blogs.

Here are a few important details on the most popular types of electric Marine wire strippers.

Come in Various Shapes and Sizes

The best electric wire strippers are usually available in various shapes and sizes. The type of stripper that you need to purchase depends vastly on the girth of wire that you wish to cut. For a very thick wire, you might have to use a stripper that is as long as your leg. For smaller wires, you can use strippers that are as small as the palm of your hand. Some high-end strippers come with an adjustable length too.

Have Lead/Steel Lined Cutting Edge

These strippers usually have a very sharp cutting edge. You can use them to strip the insulation off the metallic marine wires without damaging the wire itself. The small opening on the stripper is ideal for the stripping purpose. However, if your wire is too thick or thin, you can always apply less or more pressure respectively to reduce the size of the stripping hole.

Reduces Cutting Effort

The fulcrum of the stripper device is located very close to the cutting angle. This allows you to easily cut the wires without applying a lot of pressure. The strippers that are used to cut heavier and thicker wires have longer handles to make sure that you don’t have to apply a lot of pressure.

Can be Used to Peel Wires

The strippers are used mainly for two different purposes. The primary purpose of the device is to peel the insulation off over the common electrical and marine wires on your boat. This skill is handy when you have to make a lot of electrical connections and need to deal with an exposed wire.

Can Cut Wires

You can use the front tip of the stripper to cut the wires too. Applying excess pressure on the stripper completely closes off the stripping hole thereby allowing you to cut thick wires easily.

marine wire stripper tool

Can be Coupled with Wire Compression Tools

You can use the wire strippers in conjunction with other popular wire operation tools like the compression tool. These tools are often available as one big package with appendages. You can or remove these appendages for additional functionality.

Can Be a Part of Common Pliers

If you want to strip wires, you can either buy a dedicated stripper, or a stripper plus plier combination. With the plier combination, you can do a lot more than just strip the wire. Some of the other functionalities of this combination include cutting wires, tightening bolts as well as holding bolts while using the nut on it.

Wire strippers are extremely affordable and easily available in most electrical/hardware shops. You will find the stripper and plier combination in most toolbox packages.